Thursday, January 29, 2015

EDM Challenge Day 2 - "Lamp"

A day late with this one, but no way did I feel up to drawing yesterday. Here's Day 2 - "Lamp". I only noticed 'after' I painted it how out of whack the base is. Obviously I need to practice ellipticals. : } Oh well...that's what this book is about, right? Hopefully by the end I'll be whiz bang awesome! lol  (Same scanner problems)
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EDM Challenge Day 1 - "Shoe"

I decided to participate in the Every Day Matters daily challenge (as much as possible). It's really more like daily prompts than a challenge. EDM is a sketchbook drawing group on Facebook. It keeps the motivation going for me on days when I know I should draw because I need the practice, but don't know what to draw. Day 1 is "Shoe", so this is my shoe. The page is in my hardbound journal and it doesn't scan very well. It leaves shadows, so just ignore. :)

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